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I'd put all of the platforms, that you listed, in the same category of RCs. I would have no problem with any of them as long as parts support is great. For the price of the E5 HX, I think I'd lean towards one of Arrma 6S BLX's. That's just me. One thing that bothers me though is the Arrma lineup has those very cheap Spektrum radios in them...so sad. I seen (didn't look too hard) the E5 HX priced at $595, and the Team Redcat TR-MT10E (same Team Magic E5 HX chassis) at $349. In that case, I'd go for the Team Redcat TR-MT10E. The Team Magic body does look way better than the Team Redcat.

I was so close to getting a Typhon 3S, but after adding up the cost of replacing the radio gear, adjustable motor mount, and upgrading the shocks, I'll wait for a new 1/8 scale eBug kit to be released from another company.

Every RC has it's little issues that may, or may not be a big deal for some people. Read, and watch all reviews on every platform you are thinking about getting.