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Default BBQ Grill Workspace

Or Additional workspaceJust putting this out as an idea. For those looking to build and not having a work space. Or a temporary workspace while you build a permanent workspace Or those who may need an additional work space. I have a good island workstation for model building. All workspaces in the shop are occupied. I needed an additional workspace for a foam project.

I was saving 2 old BBQ grills for some future use, along with several hollow core closet doors. My foam project provided the idea. I used the worst of the 2 grills for the project. Added a hollow core door and I had a workspace for my current project. I can easily roll it about and into the shop at the end of the day. The nice thing is once finished, I can remove and store the hollow core door out of the way. Roll the grill frame into a corner. It may be an easy to put together workspace in these days of stay at home orders.

This old rusted frame will be salvaged for the wheels and maybe some of the metal. The second BBQ grill pictured will be converted for a permanent additional workspace. It is in better condition, more stable and I can easily add shelves below for tools, equipment and parts storage. Anyway, just an idea.