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This is just a short video clip. I was flying one of my hexacopters in the backyard just to check it out and test it to be sure everything was working. Unfortunately, I used a bad battery that was not fully charged. As the drone was losing battery power and coming down under my control it reached a point where there was not enough current to control it and it flew sideways instead of coming down and crashed into my garage.

This was a dumb move on my part and I should’ve known better. So, I had to refurbish this drone, fortunately the electronics and the motors and propellers were okay but the battery compartment and a few landing gear segments were broken.

After the refurbishment I wanted to test the drone again. It runs fine and in this video segment I wanted to see how fast it would gain altitude. So, I gave it full throttle to ascend. From the video you can see that in a few seconds it had gained altitude quickly. I did not want it to go into the clouds or even a few hundred feet so I terminated the altitude test. But I know now that it is very responsive in gaining altitude and in a few seconds could easily be in the clouds. Just want to show an uplifting video.
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