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Originally Posted by Tanque View Post
What do you consider a 'reasonable' price for aluminum tracks? I believe the only way to keep the cost down for
an aluminum links is for it to be a permanent mold item. For that sort of development the volume sold has to
be great enought to pay for it. I don't see someone doing that anytime soon, but I hope I'm wrong. Perhaps
Kenny Kong will develop a Zn alloy track..

I was quoting for a minimum of 25 sets of tracks. Had some quotes come back with molds for 8/16 track pieces at a time, but with such great changes to the track design that it became not feasible at the time.
56 pairs of links per side... 112 main cleats, 224 outer links, and 112 center links per side So a fair volume for quoting...
I was hoping for a $150 USD Price point. It is the mold design that is where all the cost is associated.