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Default SO what really happened today???

SO what really happened???got to the club at around 12:30 pm

some of the club members were there, my friends.

They helped me and gave great advice on flying, flaps, crow, and landing.

1st thing:

My xicoy scale is wrong for three reasons:

1. it stated the lateral balance was off by 3/4 pounds!

when I got there and got the wings, one of the members and i tested the lateral balance of the wing alone, and it was perfect. well balanced.

then we assembled it to the fuselage, and it too was perfect. Not 3/4 pounds heavier on left side, as the Xicoy stated.

#2. it states the airplane is nose heavy. when we did it with finger tips, no matter what we did, the airplane was quite tail heavy!

we tested it with wheels up and wheels down, and with airplane up right and inverted. No matter what, it was always tail heavy.

then I moved the batteries forward,. and it became balanced based on recommend CG point from the manual.

Once we got that straightened out, i fueled her up and cranked her on.

She was humming and that twin cylinder sounds very nice.

SO then, I got her on runway and did some taxing back and forth. I was gaining confidence.

I then brought it back and killed the motor, then took some pictures.

Waited a while, drank some water. then I said, this is it, I'm going to do it.

I then cranked her on again, tax to the north end of the run way, do the 180 degree turn to get the nose pointing south, and then i slowly increased power. I was at 1/4 throttle, and all of a sudden, the low end leaned out some, and the RPM picked up. tail still had not elevated, and i slowly applied rudder to left as it was slightly coming in towards the fence side, and as soon as I did that, the left Robart retract kind of got bent or something.

SO nothing bad happen. No prop strike, no damage, other than the left Robart gear. SO I killed the motor, packed it up, and here I am typing.

I am going now to try to see what to do next.

Probably the 31 pounds are not helping. too much stress for that gear, I am thinking.