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TFL is the company that makes boats like the Pursuit and Genesis. Very good quality, we can't stop looking at our pursuit, because of the glass smooth and shiny finish. I got my Vegas Duece Hydro 11 years ago when I first wanted to get into boats, but electric back then was not like it is now. The fast boats then were all nitro, so I got the Vegas Duece because it looked cool, lol However I got in deep over my head and I never ran it, it's still brand new, never a drop of water on it, sits in the original crate. I may bring it out and use it as a show piece on the shelf, but no plans to run it. My Hyropro Inception is sold through HobbyKing as an all plastic, 37" deep-V, with a 1300KV outrunner motor, running on twin 6s graphenes. I got that because it was big, cheap and suppose to go 58MPH out of the box for under 350.00 RTR. Again, never ran and sits on my shelf. I have finally found the one piece shaft for the Stinger drive on our Pursuit, replacing the two piece unit that makes no sense and makes maintenance a pain. So I'm happy about getting that one piece as it will be easier for dad to maintain his own boat.

We both agreed to keep the Pursuit box stock for now and try out upgrading our BlackJack 24 as a way to learn. Right now I clocked it at 28 MPH as box stock on smooth water on 3s. My first upgrade attempt will be to replace the 30 amp ESC in it, with the 90 amp esc out of my Hyrdropro Inception(which happens to be a Hobbywing ESC) so I can use a 4s battery. I also want to replace the plastic prop with a metal version that is close to the original specs or slightly "more" That is where it gets complicated, prop selection seems to be the make or break area. Keeping close to stock spec on the prop with 4s, doesn't seem like it would be too bad, just watching temps and see any speed increase....Guess ya gotta start someplace, because the work is worth it, these things are serious fun.

Just hard sometimes to show my 76 year old dad, what is going on and getting him to the point of tinkering with this stuff on his own. Right now it's me figuring it out, experimenting and such...and doing the maintenance, although I got him greasing the boat and maintaining the batteries quite well..