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Originally Posted by bill_delong View Post
I first got into r/c around 1986 as a basher, took a break from 1992-1995 then got into flying .40 size planes and took a break from that in 2000 when my kids were born, when my son turned 10 we got into club racing around 2010. My son quit racing when he discovered girls and I've been hooked on racing since.

I've seen the industry make drastic changes over the years, so to say we are behind is absurd to me, what specifically is behind in your mind?
Radio technology is truly amazing to what was available when I first started, what exactly is missing? Here's a current look at what's out there today:
Which surface radio system is the best?

If you are only making your judgement from a single trip to your LHS and limiting your options to what they had available at the time, then I can understand your disappointment. Also curious which kit is selling for $2K? Most kits I see are in the $500 range and in order to hit the $2K mark for total investment for a true race grade platform, you'd have to limit yourself to over priced luxury brands from local distributors. I spend closer to $1K per car that I race and that's still with very reliable and high performance gear which keeps me fairly competitive.

Not trying to argue with you but will be happy to share some of my experience to help you get a different perspective.
I agree.....This hobby has gone through some drastic changes. Same I started out in planes, and progressed. but other things have gotten in way over the years...Work/life/traveling.
The RC8 kit is 650, OS speed .21 with pipe is 600, servo's 300, starter box 100, transmitter/lipo 400......Will see once winter hits if I make a purchase. I don't for see myself purchasing multiple cars so much rather have one really good one.