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Originally Posted by micro270 View Post
JUst picked up a tower Hobbies Ultimate Bipe. 45” wingspan. Question is, can I use the lower wing as flaps? Will this alter turning characteristics if all ailerons aren’t used for turning?
Your question begs another question:
1. for what purpose are you considering flaps?

Ultimates are great flying platforms across just about all sizes. You shouldn't need flaps to slow an ultimate down to a comfortable landing speed.

With that being said, I have played around with many different configurations of flaps and spoilers as well as crow configurations to see what kind of 3D type stuff mine were capable of.

If you were just looking to use flaps on the lower wing to slow down for landing, you could definitely do that and still have enough authority on the roll axis from the top ailerons in order to control your plane while landing, but I think you will find that your ultimate will slow down nicely all on its own as they are a fairly draggy aircraft. Depending on your radio and receiver, you could also program a mix where the ailerons drop a bit but still work as ailerons too (spoilerons).

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