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IMO it would be foolish to even try to answer that question without knowing where everything is set. You need to establish the baseline first and then make adjustments from there. The setup I gave you in my first reply is a very good starting point. The only guys who set up to everything at zero are the hard core 3D guys. Your airplane is not a hardcore 3D airplane. Setting up at zero zero will require up elevator trim to force the wing into positive incidence to support the weight of the airplane. This ends up making the airplane fly slightly tail down. The reason for the positive wing incidence is to eliminate the up elevator trim. This does two things, it allows the fuselage to be level in level flight and since there is no elevator trim when you roll knife edge or pull a vertical up line the trim doesn't give a pull to the canopy. The right thrust will help slightly on take offs but will make true vertical lines require little to no rudder corrections. It also contributes to a more axial roll. If you treat the setup of your airplane as a complete package and realize that everything has an influence on a multitude of other things and learn to adjust things to work with one another you will see a good airplane turn into a great one.