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Originally Posted by Pilot_Guy View Post
Hey, thanks and I will do that. I will buy a prop from him and see what he suggest. I will start by getting one for my lightly modded blackjack 24. Merely just an ESC upgrade to run 4s instead of 3s. motor is the stock 2,000 KV. He could probably size up a good prop if he has my specs. Would be neat to see the improvement for real and I will gain a better idea of what is going on to see it real. My only understanding is, smaller diameter lets the motor spin up more and easier on the electronics. Pitch drives the boat further for every RPM but loads the electronics.... I'm probably way off, but I have to admit I need help with this, it's driving me nuts, lol Thanks again.
Hi, First post but have been reading like crazy for the last day LOL. how did the stock BJ24 Motor take 4S, it shouldn't have done well at all as the stock 2000Kv motor in only rated to 12.6V. I upgraded my ESC to a HW Pro 120A and it can handle up to 6S but that's just crazy for such a small boat. Would like to know how 4S did though.