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Question Placing the motors in Pull or Push configuration?

I need some advice... about my RC Foam Home Made Seaplane (I hope will fly one day...).
About the motors... I will have 2 at least maybe 3. I have bought 2 ducted fans but also 2 simple brushless motors (with 15cm = 6 inch props...). I might use 2 ducted fans or / 2 or 3 propeller motors...

My questions are: 1) Any preference in putting the motor in Push or Pull configuration? Propeller in front or behind then motors...
2) And any need to put the motors at a slight angle from the longitudinal axis of the aircraft... It is a Seaplane, and the motors will be placed slightly above the CG, to be above the wing and fare from the water... Any need to have a slight angle pitching downward (for the rotational axis of the motors) to compensate for the "nose down pitching effect" whilst accelerating....?
Thanks a lot!
PS: pictures will come as soon as I am allowed to post