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Default 3d printed drone

hi guys, so im designing my own drone and building it via 3d printing each of the parts myself. i will gradually add photos/youtube links as i can be bothered but im mostly on here for some advice on the electrical systems.

essentially im using 4 80mm edf engines for thrust, might sound excessive but trust me, this things big so it needs it. it will be using a rather unique turning system i've come up with that will also allow it to strafe with any luck, then another system for forward thrust generation.

i guess im looking for advice at the moment regarding the 4 edf engines. i want to run all 4 engines from a single channel, i was thinking, 4 engines, 4 esc, 4 6S batteries, receiver battery pack. but im not entirely sure how to go about wiring this all up to a single channel on the 6 channel receiver im planning on using. can anyone offer some insight into this?

for channel information
CH1 - lift
CH2 - rotation/strafe
CH3 - forward thrust
CH4 - extending landing gears
CH5- search light movement
CH6- winch system

the rotation/strafe system i need to do some more work on so that'll come later on haha. right now its the engines i need the help with, i heard of something called a ubec when reading up but no idea what it is or what its for and if it would even be needed.