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Originally Posted by flyboy91 View Post
Hi Jim,

I hope your doing well, I have been flying the mezon and mezon pro's in my planes and have had very good luck with them. My braking setup is as follows:

Manual braking
Start power 40%
End Power 58%
Brake speed .1
Brake dead time 0.0

I do things a little different on my setup. I make sure my idle is all the way down for trim. Plug in and arm the system, then i run my trim up to where the prop starts spinning, on my futaba setup this is -33 for trim. I then use my idle down feature to get the braking to work. The brake stays on until the throttle is moved back up to spin the motor. I've played with different settings and this is what I found has worked the best for myself.

Andrew Jesky
Hi A.J.,

First I'd like to tell you how much I like the 62 inch Acuity, it flies great. It is just what I needed in terms of a practice pattern plane to fly at the notorious Sepulveda Basin. One doesn't want to take a precious 2 meter plane out to that place. Every serious pattern guy should have one.

I believe my set up is working just like yours. When you bring your idle trim down before connecting the battery pack I assume you are setting the pulse width below the arming point so that when you plug in the battery, it arms automatically. I do it a little differently. When I turn on the receiver I have the Throttle Cut switch in the Flying position so the pulse width is set at the idle position and the ESC does not arm. I then throw the Throttle Cut to cut and the ESC arms. Then when I'm ready to go I turn the throttle cut off and the motor should go to idle. However with the Mezon Pro it won't start. I could increase the trim until it starts like you do, but I jog the throttle and come back on the stick and the motor idles at my preset condition. The nice thing about this procedure is I never need to touch the idle trim once it is set. You didn't say but I assume when you use the trim to start the motor you need to back it down to get a low idle. You did say if you applied the brake and the motor stopped you needed to increase the throttle to start it again. I like to leave the brake on all during the flight and I don't want the motor stopping in stall turns, spins, landings or any other slow speed maneuvers. I could get this with the non-Pro Mezons. With those I could set the motor start at a pulse width of 1.1 mSec and the top end at 2.00 mSec. I then set the transmitter to give me slightly more than 1.1 to get the desired idle and slightly below 1.1 to turn on the brake. The brake is turned on when the stick is all the way down and a brake toggle switch is switched to brake or my push button is pressed to brake.

I don't know how to do that with the Pro. They have a thing called Input Threshold but I have not figured out how to set it to get what I want. I do know that if I pulse the brake on landing the motor stops and won't start again unless I jog the throttle. This is not good. I have a Tesla and I can set it so it stops completely if I get off the throttle or so it creeps with no throttle. I found that I had much better control parking it in the garage letting it creep and controlling it with the brake ( stop within 1 inch of what I want), than trying to control it with the accelerator ( the Tesla really jumps when you touch the accelerator). That's the way I want my airplane to work.

So I guess the question I should have asked is how do you set the Input threshold? How do you use the Brake during Flight? Do you switch it on only when you want it or is it active whenever the throttle stick is all the way down?

I sure wish we could talk to the designers of this stuff.

Best Regards, Jim

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