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That really clarifies things a bit.
When I bought my H-10, I was looking for a boat I could take easily that could handle my weight, be stable and be able to also handle the weight of a scale hydroplane full of water(RTR, my boats weight between 7 and 14 lbs and flooded, almost triple in some cases), thus, the H-10
Since this is now sounding more like a prop experiment first and a boat build second, let's look at your prop and how to test it.
  • The first thing to remember is that you can't test a prop in a test tank as it will dig itself a hole and will only need to hold the water out, giving a false result.
  • The second thing to remember is you will need to have some way to measure the RPM, current, voltage and thrust needed to get real world results.
To bad you're not in my area(Just north of Seattle) as we could probably come up with something and a place for testing. I don't know of any fresh water sites in your area that would be large enough to test on and yes, I've been to Ogden many times as I used to live in Idaho Falls and have family in Layton.
Getting back to the subject at hand, there is a shop in my area that might be able to help you out:
Prop Shop, LTD | Seattle's leading Impeller and Propeller Repair
They may be able to answer your questions or know how to do the testing your self. That is where I would start, with someone that knows props and this shop does
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