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Default Clueless about Electric

Been always involved with glow and gas airplanes. Big surprise, right? Batteries have been pretty basic just powering receiver and servos. At least it has always seemed that way until now. After reading several articles and watching several videos I for some reason am having a hard time comprehending everything about the set up, charging, and compatibility between all components on an electric plane. The later being the most confusing. Most of the material I have studied involves a lot of description of the numbers involved. The thing I struggle with the most is using those numbers to know what engine should be used for what battery, or what battery should be used for what engine, what speed controller to use, what servo and or receiver to use. I built all of my planes from kits and of course the first plane I decided to build from plans is electric. I also do not know how much if any ventilation for cooling is needed for the battery. For me I guess its kind of like what came first the chicken or the egg. What do I start out with the battery or the engine. I started with the engine. The plane is a sport model, 52" wingspan, 3lbs 10oz. 4 channel. I got a Power 25 Brushless outrunner motor 870Kv. The motor will be used as a pusher with an 11x7 3 blade pusher prop. What ever help I could get with what the other components suggested are and why these are suggested. Please let me know what other info is needed to make these decisions.