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Originally Posted by acdii View Post
Only thing is, it is easier to find a place to fly a plane, than to run a boat. I can walk to my back pasture to fly, but drive 20 minutes to my inlaws to boat.
And you're about 35 miles west of my wife's family.
But, boats don't fall under the FAA.
Most boats do not need an exceptionally large body of water to run in. I've run them on small ponds on golf courses before. The subs are quite happy in a swimming pool.
Maybe it's time to hang some floats on a plane?
And without prior knowledge I suspect were you to simply head out you'd find water long before you'd find a runway.
And every few years the 'J' class boats have their national regatta in Chicago. These sail boats run 100 inches long with 10 foot masts and weigh anywhere from 75 to 100 pounds. A sight to see.

Just yankin your chain!