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Default Arrma 3S BLX Issue

I am new to this, so I might be doing something wrong because nobody seems to talk about this as a problem.

I have two Arrma cars, a Typhon 3S and Kraton 4S. Both of them have the same transmission. When you put that together to connect the drive shaft a metal piece goes into the slipper clutch/gear (mine is red) and a little plastic piece goes over that, then you put the drive shaft on. At least I think that is right.

That little plastic cover piece between the driveshaft and the metal piece keeps grinding up, and destroying the driveshaft if you don't know it is coming.

Am I putting it together in the wrong order? I've noticed in a lot of videos that a lot of people just don't have that piece on there... is this common, and you don't even need that piece so you just let it go?