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Just a casual observation I've recently made about my flying, and which I've noticed in a few other performance sports I've participated in over the years is that I have tended to "learn" to get good at something. I put "learn" in quotes because I'm like the person who's learned to play many songs on a piano, but can't actually play a piano. They can play whole songs and string together parts of those to play medleys, but they can't play a piano in the true sense.

Two things really brought this to my attention. While learning to fly heli's I had no trouble with flying around and flying towards myself for landing until the heli stopped nose-in in a hover. I was using the "flying towards myself" part of the brain from my fixed wing experience but didn't have a "hovering nose-in" part wired up yet. Although for all intents and purposes the orientation and control reactions are identical.
The 2nd one was flying the heli inverted, the "flying inverted" part of my brain was wired to the fixed wing down elevator pressure almost like a TX condition switch, pulling "up elevator" to fly the heli inverted kept jarring my brain out of it's "inverted" mode.

Those two things got me thinking and it's a re-occurring theme for me. Learning to do something specific well, then combining that with something else to build a repertoire of learned actions rather than develop the fundamental skills. There's a reason students practice the scales when learning to play a piano, but we don't seem to have an equivalent approach for learning to fly a pattern ship. We're stuck on learning the sheet music and improving how you press the keys.