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Originally Posted by FUTABA-RC View Post

Model ID is ONLY available when using either 12 or 18-Channel FASSTest or T-FHSS protocols. It does not work with FASST or S-FHSS receivers.

Once you download and install the new Version 3.9E software on your 16SZ or 18SZ you need to relink all your existing FASSTest/T-FHSS receivers to activate the feature. If you are setting up new model with a previously un-linked or new receiver you simply need to link it as before.

Once downloaded and installed Model ID cannot be turned off. It is a passive feature that is enabled by installing the new 3.9E update. It is not able to be selected for certain FASSTest/T-FHSS models. It is an all or nothing feature with those receiver types.
There is a problem with my expected use on a F5J glider with two different wing option (3.65m or 4.00m span).

I want to have two different gliders configurations (Ultima 3.65 and Ultima 4.00) with only one R7008SB Fasstest receiver. Unfortunately, I cannot link this Rx to the second configuration (Ultima 4.00) because it is already linked to the first one (Ultima 3.65).

Is there an easy way to solve this problem (not by using a Fasst Rx, not an option with Europe no Fasst on latest 16IZ transmitter).