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Default Just brought a Trex 500XT need a tiny bit of help please

Hi, just need a tiny bit of help here please guys.

I just brought a Trex 500XT Dominator, it came with a brand new Align BL80 ESC, however, this ESC has 2 sets of receiver cables coming out of it which are kind of confusing me, im using a Spektrum AR7200BX FBL controller with the bird.

So the first set of wires is pretty self explanatory, it goes into the throttle channel on the receiver (red/white and black)

The next set of wires is split into 2 output plugs, (yellow, orange and black) I thought these were for programming, however the instructions state one goes into the RPM channel on the FBL system, ummm I dont have an RPM channel, do I just leave this disconnected ?
the 2nd wire states to plug it into the battery channel or any unoccupied channel on the receiver, I have a few to choose from, but im probably just going to stick this into the batt / bind port, will this be OK ?