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Originally Posted by franklin_m View Post
What's sad is there's no reason AMA couldn't vastly improve their websites. The whole staff is headed by an ED who has extensive marketing experience, then add a "Communications" staff of six, another staff of five in "Creative," four more in "Education," as well as an "E Communications Specialist," and a web programmer - I find it hard to believe the issue isn't related to not spending enough money or not having enough people. They don't hire the right people. Fault with that lies entirely with the ED.
Having extensive "old school" marketing experience is probably more of a handicap than an asset. I can tell you from personal experience in the CPG industry, marketing is essential, but the rules have been completely rewritten and the old formulas just don't work anymore. What they probably need is a digital director to set the vision and strategy for a rebranding the AMA's on-line image.