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Originally Posted by astrohog View Post
LOL. That is ludicrous! Just about everything the AMA does is incentivized by $$.

And, while that is true, there is one thing missing. That one thing is repercussions. Since the ED and EC both look at income as number of members, they don't see any repercussions. In fact, those that get paid are shielded from any repercussions by the fact that they are employed and not shareholders. If they were paid as shareholders, every time the treasury went down, they would get less money, something that would directly affect them and, probably, motivate them to do more to make more money.
Consider this, the EC offices are now shareholder positions, along with the ED and Muncie staff. The organization makes a larger profit, they get paid more for that year. The organization makes less, they get paid less for that year. This might encourage the ED and EC to increase yearly dues but, as we all know, with the present inflation levels and such, the membership won't go for it and would probably leave rather than pay more. This would require the ED and EC to come up with other ways to make money and could force the AMA to become relevant to save their jobs