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Default Our hobby really needs a new Tank Control Board

We really need a new control board on the market. Something that easily mimics the tamiya protocols with few options to mess up the programming on that will work for beginners or those that want better operation and battle play than henglong but dont need all the advanced set up options of the other boards available.

The DKLM DKTank is quite good but only produced in runs of 10 off an on, in Russia, so...... unknown

The IBU2 Ultimate is un-useable for IR battling. The large inertia programmed into it that you cannot turn off makes it horrible to drive and try to battle. Ivano ruined his product IMHO.

The Clark boards seem to have a lot of problems any more. Nearly everyone in my club has been sending their boards back to Clark, some through the dealer they bought it from, for various failure repairs. Some involving the audio amp some, other issues. They just dont seem very reliable any more. I have two and so far Im lucky.

The other boards that are really fancy and offer lots of options are way overkill and quite costly. Like Elmod and Bier.

Im hoping DKTank will come up and be a sustainable supplied product but who knows at this point.
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