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Default RE: Nicad Cycler... how much current is too much?


Just got my first Nicad Cycler/fast charger to use with my 600mah Rx & 700mah Tx battery packs. Not a make you'd probably know -got it in Hong Kong. It is designed to charge 4-8 cell packs of anything up to 3500mah. The discharge rate it uses is 4amps and minimum fast charge rate is 500mamps (0.5A) which seems to peak my 600mah packs in about 20mins. Are these discharge & charge rates too high for these low mah nicad packs?... I don't want to overstrain these packs and end up loosing a model...

Charging 600mAH Rx & 700 mAH Tx packs at around 500 - 600 mAH will not present any problems to your packs. I have used a similar charge rate on my packs for the last 2 years without problems. And 1 amp on 800 mAH Rx packs!

But discharging, imo, at 4 amps is not recommended. Use 3 Xmas tree lights or similar for discharging but don't allow the packs to go completely flat and into deep discharge!