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Default RE: most used freq chart?

ORIGINAL: RichLockyer

Like I said... obviously, something non-random is happening here, but I don't know who or what to blame. In a perfect world of 160 transmitters and 50 channels, the vast majority of channels would only have 3 users, and a handful with 4.
It seems that you have some of the making of a typical bell-curve here, except that your peak is at 4... both 4 and 2 are "robbing" from the truly random peak of 3.
Adding channels with 0 users (other than 20) would balance out the two above 5 with two below 2 users.
Only one channel each with 6 and 7 users would be possibly impacted by the deliberate (non random) attempts of those already active to avoid heavily used channels... this could also skew the results to favor 1 and 2 users if those buyers also did a quick informal survey similar to yours by carefully watching the freq board for a few weekends.

A sample size of 160 transmitters is a decent size, but those with 5 or 6 radios will definitely affect the sample since their redundant radios won't be as random as the first.

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