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Default RE: Old Airtronics vs New Airtronics.

Just to clarify - I have an older model Airtronics setup that uses the connectors (ATX?) like Strato911's first picture. Airtronics has since tried to 'standardize' by using the blue Z connector. The Z will interchange with Z connectors used on some other brands of equipment (JR, FUT) but will not interchange with the older Airtronics equipment.

In other words, if you have an older Airtronics receiver, you can't use a new servo with the Z type connector, unless you buy an adapter (Airtronics PN 99399Z) or pull the pins to change the plug.

This turned me off of that brand a bit, seemed somehow like a lack of support for previous customers. My last 3 radio purchases have been another brand.