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Default RE: DEEP WATER: Transmission?

My first concern with an extra long wire was loss of clarity due to the decrease in a healthy current over the long distance. I want to use a 'mini-camera' with lead (or UHF transmission) back up to the surface of the water to connect to a recording device - simply because you can make a very water tight container a lot easier for a smaller device. However, it might make more sense to encase my Canon Elura pictured below - and run a lead to either a laptop or simpe LCD. That way the camera can record on-spot images with complete clarity - and the transmission would be (hopefully) just clear enough to swing/navigate it on the bottom of the lake.

You're totally right about tranmission through water. It makes complete sense now. I might just make a wire-less boat camera like they had on the old 'Flipper' shows -- so they could watch what was below the boat.

But am I right though??? Doesn't looking at the bottom of a 237ft deep lake just sound like a mini mission to Mars?