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Default RE: Mirage V-spec

1 it's old
2 they last forever
3 I'll never part with mine!

You have a mirage pro there. I don't know why they called it a PRO, there was only that one before the v-spec. As for the shocks I'd leave them that way. They are a bit further from the front wheels there and maybe a little less likely to be pelted with dirt.

Is that the factory thunder tiger motor? I bought mine with the motor without the pullstart. That was the best nitro eneing I ever had. It went through four gallons of fuel in three seasons, sat for three years and fired right up after all that to run another gallon and a half before finally giving up.

I still have the exploded picture, manual, and origanl box mine came in some where. my dad bought it for me as a x-mas present in '96. The only parts I replaced are: the front universals (buy mugen ones if yours wear out) clutch bells, new shocks (the e-clips wouldn't hold the piston with thicker oil), a new wing (factory one broke) and a few sets of tires.