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Default RE: Is a 72 oz. torque CORELESS Servo stronger then a 99 oz torque standard servo?

3D fanatic; OK, now I want a unanamous consensus....

Then would you agree with 3D JOY that for my purposes and the plane I'm using, the cheaper 99 ounce/torque standard cored servos are good enough. Actually, I only mentioned the 3305 Futaba's just to make a point about them being stronger and cheaper than the Futaba 9202 coreless servos ....

What I'm really planning on doing is to be using only one 99 ounce of torqe cored Futaba 3305 on the rudder, and four Futaba cored 3010 servos on the ailerons and split elevator halves. These 3010 servos have the 72 ounces of torque. The 3010 cored servos have almost the same torque as the Coreles 9202's which have 76 ounces, but at $20 each cheaper x 4= $80 savings. The cheaper 3010 servos are actually a good bit faster too! Coreless 9202's @ .26 secs VS cored 3010 servos @ .20 secs.

3 JOY,
Hopefully you still feel that cored 72 ounce servos ( and not the cored 99 ounce servos) are good enough for my purposes?