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Default RE: NEGATIVE FEEDBACK: Northeast Sailplane Products

You guys should know that:
1. Sal, or any other company that sells only to us glider pukes, don't have any customer service reps. We're way to small a market to support that type of infastrucure.

2. How many sailplane products do you know of that are no longer available? The turnover in companies that create stuff or market only to us sailplane purists is very high. A guy will only piss away all his spare time trying to kit or deal w/ customers in his garage endevor for so long, for the pittance of profit he might make.

3. Anyone who has dealt with NES knows Sal's a full-blown character, his wifes a sweety that you can actually deal with,and that's about the size of NES. So call, hang up on Sal and try later when he's out playing so you can talk to someone who gets the 'people thing'.

4 He's been in the game a while (remarkable and commendable) and makes a few nickles on the high-end stuff, diddly on the beginner kits. They are pretty much a write off as far as profits. Sal's like the National Parks. I may not spend much time in them, but take comfort knowing if I ever want a high-buck composit, there's a cranky little Italian guy to help me blow my wad.
To summarize, he's a wanker, but in a hobby this small, there's room for wankers, too. Want proof? Ever been to a pilots meeting before a contest?

Notice I did not say that if I had to deal w/ a bunch of whiners that expect full time, Amazon.com style service, even while I'm on vacation (and have my glider company in my pocket), I'd be a wanker in no time flat, too? Ooops, too late!

Sorry to break the flow of the thread.