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Default RE: NEGATIVE FEEDBACK: Northeast Sailplane Products

Sal has two classes of glider customers: There are those he's screwed, and there are those he's going to screw.
Them's the facts, roll the dice or don't. No excuses offered, as obviously there is no valid excuse for this crap.
That said, I've ordered stuff from him, some of it arrived, and the stuff that did arrive was fine quality.
I'll probably roll the dice again in the future, but with my eye's open that it's highly probable that I'll get toasted. My choice.
Predictable behavior is for adults, I'm buying toys. And frankly, I look forward to seeing what new, even lower, levels of customer service I'll receive.
Losing a limb, I'll take seriously, but dealing w/ this type stuff, I can't get too excited about.
Your expectations were completely valid in this universe. They are only reasonable in this day and age, and he most certainly did not meet them, but I've learned that these expectations just don't apply in "Sal's Paralell Universe'. (see line 1)That's why my expectations will surely be met, regardless of how my next order is treated.
Hang in, or not, but seize the carp. (;^)