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Default RE: seagull models

i have flown many arf's in the short time 5 years since I first started flying yesI do have seagull models Extra 300 S .60size with saito 1.00 , I've had some problems with my plane, most are attributed to construction not just thier construction, but mine as well, useing such a large motor and a 4 stroke at that I should of reinforced the firewall lucky it was on the bench when it came apart. wing cross brace the one you put your wingbolts into when mounting wing, I forgot you should allways put blocks under brace to strenghten,other than that I had to put in a much larger fuel tank 16 oz instead of factory 10 oz tank
pro's of the arf pinned hinges premounted engine mount my saito slipped right in nice and snug, note make sure you check mount bolts are tight, replace maingear bolts with nylon so bolts break not plane
all in all it's a good plane, I haven't found anything out of the ordinary renforcement. most any arf needs some kind of reinforcement, Remember these aren't modeler building these planes