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Default RE: GMS Engine Tuning Problem

I am curious as well. I thought maybe yours was missing a baffle from
the factory....I took the muffler apart on my new GMS .47 to have a
peek....no baffle. Now that I think about it, none of the Tower mufflers
have them either. That is the "tuned muffler" as opposed to the "stock
muffler" with the fins on it. The stock muffler may have a baffle in it, I
would think that it should.

I'm starting to think possibly something is amiss with the pressure
nipple (hole to small) vent line in the tank kinked, os something along
those lines. We ran a half dozen of those engines up this summer....

....no problems. The problem is not lack of baffling to increase the pressure
to the tank. You have worked "around" the real problem.