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Default Warped Wing on Great Planes Extra 330L

I am building the left wing panel of this kit (GP Extra 330L) and it has come out slightly warped.
It was twisted at the tip (I was able to fix this by wetting it down and holding it past its normal place for a while).

There are 14 ribs on each wing panel - starting at about rib 8 going to the tip it is warped - the tip is about 1/16" (maybe a little bit more) down compared to the root. I am not sure how to fix this as the wing is built with a full length shear web.

I have built several kits, but this is my first 1/3 scale kit. I have not had any problem building the plane as of yet, the tail feathers are complete and the right wing panel is complete, none had any warping in them.
I was very carefull to make sure that I matched the spars, and that everything lined up correctly to the plans before gluing.
I also used the leading and trailing edge jigs provided for this purpose while lining this all up.

No sheeting has been installed on the wing as of yet.

Here are my questions for you:
1. What kind of an effect will this have on the flying characteristics of this plane?
2. What can be done to correct this?
3. Does this need to be corrected?
4. Should I contact Great Planes and have them send me all new wood for this wing panel and start over again?

The plane will be used for IMAC competitions and basic 3D flight.

Thanks for any help & suggestions on this.

- Kevod