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Default RE: 30 SIZE SWIZZLE STICK??? 30 SIZE ???

I am sending out the last set of SS30 plans that I had made. No more available for a while, unless there is enough interest to warrant going into town and getting Kinko's to run sets of them..then to the post office and buy mailing tubes and all that stuff. Don't get the idea that I mind..always happy to help out fellow modelers, but I prefer not to do them one at a time, doncha know.
AND, I have just about finished two of them. One for a buddy with standard size servos and an old OS19 RC in it. I painted the fuse with red Rustoleum (bullet proof as far as fuel is concerned)(brush on..takes two coats) and monokoted the tail feathers and wing. I am using an old Fox 19RC in mine with (don't laugh) an old Hobby Lobby 3 channel unit that ALWAYS works and it's on 27 mhz. OK, I have new radios, but the fun is using the oldies and amazing the "buy and fly" newbies at the flying field. I also used golden rods for the rudder and elevator and secure them with those screw in eyes (a screw with a loop in it) that you get at any hardware store. You spread them a bit and they hold the blue golden rod nicely. I use two on each one. Any particular questions that anyone has please contact me directly via email. I can take JPG pictures if needed. I also figured out how to add a steerable tail wheel on the two I made. My buddies is finished and hehopes to fly it tomorrow. Mine will be done by tomorrow night....... I think a 15 is plenty of power. I used to fly the heck out of a Pronto with a 15 and it would loop from level flight..but I had the 19's and wanted to get them into something.
Regards to all Swizzle Stick Lovers