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Default RE: What is ushaully the first thing to break on your Savage?

I have been TOO lucky.

Diff broke pin inside (screws came out on diff case) now have spider mod and Alum diff cases.
1 spur (engine mount loose at purchase), still have plastic now
Original truck body toast (too many wheelies) New 1/8 scale Genesis Body--just broke the spoiler yesterday!
rims and hubs (factory set is poorly designed--tapers and doesn't have much surface area contact-- a sure break point!)

Okay, co-workers-- tell me if I missed something!!!

--almost the drive shafts and all cups (shafts bent about 70 degrees) Everything hardend now

Recently did a 30+MPH hit into a wall due to lost traction, close to head on!!! Truck jumped 5 foot high and smashed down. One co-worker witnessed me drive back away and NO DAMAGE!!! I STILL AM LOOKING FOR SOMETHING BROKEN!! Two days later the witness tried about the same thing and did lots of damage!!!!!!

JUST LUCKY------so far..........

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