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Default RE: Looking for a decent engine

ORIGINAL: HighPlains

You might be the modertor, but you don't know much about the MAS failure that DHG is refering to.

Cutting down props is often done to achieve a higher rpm for break-in. I recommend using a 10-6 WOOD prop cut to about 6" diameter for this application, so you have plenty of meat at the hub to hold it together. This is for when you need that 40 sized engine to turn in the 25k to 30k range.

Treating any high performance engine/prop combination like your sport engines is a great way to suffer injury or death.
HighPlains....let me see if I can make this perfectly clear. This thread started out
about a GMS sport engine turning about 16K.

I do not recommend the Members of RCU to cut props in half and then turn
engines to 30 thousand rpm with a whacked props. Is that what the safety
manual said to do....that came with that prop ?

I don't think so. That in my opinion is STUPID. If you and your racing buddies
want to act irresponsibly with your engines, and do all that crazy racing stuff,
that's fine too....I believe the safety manual states that injury can occur from
the missuse of the propellers. There are hazards involved with racing engines
and propellers....this is not a secret.

Was DHG running his equipment within the safety parameters set forth by the
manufacturer ? You Guys give us no facts....just blanket statements about
MAS props "blowing-up in your face".

I am sorry that DHG was injured, but there has not been any indication that
he was operating his equipment in a proper manner.

Again, I will reinterate....making blanket statements like...."MAS props should
NEVER, NEVER be used in a test stand"....is just plain phony, misleading, and

Flyboy Dave.