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Default RE: Predator Gasser Newbie Review

Story time .....

We had (and note the HAD here), a gentleman like you, that bought himself a predator gasser. Same reasons as you. First heli, but had several years of fix wing flying under his belt.

People told him no, don't buy that to learn on, but to no avail.

" Big birds are more stable in wind "
" A big heli, is easier to see and more stable in hover "
" A big heli has more power to get you out of a jam "

At some point all of us gave up, and tried to help him. He accepted help willingly and without any issues.

He bought a simulator and practiced.

And when he was ready, he hovered the bird.

On the second or third hover, the tail swung a little too much left and the heli was lost. Racing a high speed into another person's parked car and totalling the heli, and causing serious damage to the car. Lucky for him no one was hurt.

Between the ,insurance claims and repair bills, the gentleman fadded from the club, never to be seen. I learned from others that the predator was sold as is to some other local person.

The moral of the story is obvious.

This is a big and powerful heli.

Its also expensive to repair.

My advise, which I know you will not heed, but maybe others will, start with something small and cheap to repair. Keep the predator, but learn on the smaller heli.