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Default RE: Midwest Extra 300xs Build

EXCAP232, That sure is a nice looking plane you have there. I hope mine will turn out That nice.

I agree, this is a big step up from .40. In one of my previous post I mentioned the GP Extra 300s 40. I didn't mean that was all I had. That was the first one I built from a kit. I was pretty fortunate about 6 months ago and picked up a whole fleet of aircraft from a friend getting out of the hobby. Katana 1.40, Funtana 90, 60 Extra World model(I think),to name a few. Prior to getting these I already owned an Arrow(my trainer), 60 Ugly stick, 90 Dioblotin, H9 Pizazz and the GP 40 Extra. I havn't flown all of the aircraft in the hanger yet as some of it is in need of repair, mostly minor stuff.. Lately I have been flying the Funtana,Pizazz,and the Stick. Just not enough time to fly and repair all of it and enjoy building as well. Some of the planes I have will be great to repair and fly when one of my current favorites expires, and you know they will.

I agree that the hardware is lacking! I planned on using the hinges, wheel axles and landing gear, probably nothing else.