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Now my hanger9 33% extra with a da 100 on it come's in at 26lbs. that's a wing load of 34.2 why is my extra such a floater if it has such a high wing load? RV

I am not trying to sound harsh but a 100cc plane with a WL of 34.2 isnt really a floater. Is it the first big plane you have flown or have you flown a truely lightly loaded plane? Say something under 27 oz/sqft?
Like I said, this is not meant to be an attack. I am truely just wondering.

thank you for the reply. I'm wondering how I can go straight down, power at idle, 3D rate's, and pull full elevators and the plane just stop's and sink's like a feather, or land it what seem's to be 3mph. I know I'm not that good, but the plane does it for me. Now Chip Hyde is. I'll try to post some pic's of Chip hanging my extra on the prop. RV
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