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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

ORIGINAL: Ricmussman

I tried a Mej 23X8 it was too much for it. I would like to get a Mens 23X8 or the like, the CF was just too much, wood would be better in that size.
Hi Ricmussman,

If you do that, you'll be going in the wrong direction. A Menz S is a much higher load prop than the Mejzlik. Mejzlik's are one of the lowest load props there are. If your engine won't pull a Mejzlik 23X8 in the 7000 RPM range, you have an issue. It should be turning the 22X8 in the 74-7600 range. I don't know what muffler you have, but that's the first place I'd look.

BTW, the MVVS/Evo 45 will also turn those props in the same range...with the MVVS can. It is definitely an excellent alternative to the DA.