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Default RE: Engine for Midwest Super Stinker

The 2.4 should be a pretty good match for the plane. So would a BME 44. The Super Stinker was designed well before the advent of 3D, and it would take quite a bit of modification to flying surfaces for conversion to 3D, where the need for higher power to weight ratios are usually needed.

That leaves you with a plane that will fly very, very nice aerobatics with a gas engine large enough to balance out the tail. Bigger than that and all you would be doing is adding extra weight for a bit more speed. Most (if not all) of the 50cc engines and up would be much too heavy and actually reduce the performance of the plane due to excessive weight. Don't forget that along with the engine you will be adding ignition and battery weights. There's nothing quite like flying a plane that has so much weight in the nose that when you reduce power to idle it drops like a rock. Keeping the engine size relative to the plane helps prevent that.

Square inches on a performance bipe have a bit different lift relationship from that of a monoplane.