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Default RE: Engine for Midwest Super Stinker

ORIGINAL: jake_027

Also, as much as I like to fly 3D, not every plane I fly has to be for 3D

You will now be flogged and beaten.

Doesn't have to be 3D? Good gawd!! Whats wrong with you?

Quick!!--have your wife take your temperature, as this is surely one of the first indications that your coming down with the dreaded "old geezers minimal power requirement" syndrome. As far as I know--the only cure for this "old Geezers" syndrome is a direct intraveinous injection of nitromethane--metered out over the course of 3 days at 30% concentration. You may survive this--but only if you seek medical attention immediately. Stop by the LHS on the way to the Emergency room and get the nitro--as some hospitals don't stock it in full 30% concentrations.[&:]

Having enough power to hover is a MINIMUM requirement.[:-]

Just kidding. It's okay to have a nice sport bipe with a light engine that will do the job without raising the wing loading.

Definetly go with a gasser. Glow engines in the size required for a plane this big are thirsty and yucky.[:'(]