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Default RE: Showtime for Pattern flying?

I flew the plane 4 or 5 times that day and it never snapped on me.

My right stab was out 1 degree out of the box, easy to fix if you do it before
you drill and tap the stab tub.

I did take my time and used a laser incidence meter and a Hitec digital
servo programmer to set up everything just right. I have the elevator
servo's programmed perfectly so the radio has all end point set to 130,
all sub trims set to 0, and all dual rate numbers are equal in both directions.

I read about the snapping and decided to disregard it until I had set-up and
flown it myself. So far it flies solid... I did do a couple of Walls into a hover
and it never snapped. I also did the lateral balance test... dive straight down
with low throttle and pull to level flight, no snapping.