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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

Bubbagates, Since you seem to be a regular on this thread now, I'll post my comments as a reply to you.
To all those that have emailed, and PM'd, me telling me it was wrong for the moderator to delete all of my post on this thread. let me say this Bubbagates deleted every one of my post only (I would not except editing) at my request. Mine were not the only post's deleted. I think he did what he (as moderator) thought was best. I'm not apologizing for any statement I made. In fact, as I said......every statement I made can be proven on this very same thread if one wishes to take the time to research. Let me make this one thing very clear however to everyone, and espessially Chris. IT WAS NEVER MY INTENT TO CALL CHRIS A THIEF, and I can't understand how anyone could mistake my meaning. I have stated what I believed to be the Facts. We'll see how my predictions bring in the future.
I'll get off this thread and let everyone dream about the future, and keep thier eyes open watching for a ship that may, or may not ever sail.

Now watch this thread come alive again with all the "pop up puppets