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Default Do I need a servo programmer for digital servos

Is the use of a servo programmer mandatory to get digital servos to work properly. I just insalled 5 brand new hitec digitals in a new plane. When I move a stick and let go, the control surfaces return to a different position everytime, up 1/8" from center. This makes it impossible to trim the plane and almost impossible to fly smoothly. Since this is my first experience with digital servos I have no Idea what is required. Some of the trouble shooting I've done is to make sure there was no slop in hinges or linkages. Its all tight. Then I thought it might be worn out sticks on my radio but none of my other planes do it. I find it hard to believe that I just happened to get 5 brand new defective servos(not gonna rule it out though) Any Ideas out there? PLEEEEEZ[]