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Default RE: Do I need a servo programmer for digital servos

In my opinion ... You don't need different servos.

I have used the 56XX series servos - the entire year actually... purchased at the beginning of this year.
They worked well on my Warbirds , PW Extra and SUKOI (sp ?)

Have you tried them yet ... or are you basing the opinion on the slam stick test.

Try this, Move the stick full up ... release the stick as you normally would ... check center ...do again .. check center ... Bet it's the same.
You may have a slight different center moving the stick down, then releasing ( called deadband ).

Realistically ... this has not caused ME any problems flying ... if I was competing ... maybe ... but probably not ... most just adjust stick inputs as required to fly the plane.

In normal operation, once the plane is trimmed for straight and level ... have not seen any bad tendency's.