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Default RE: Do I need a servo programmer for digital servos

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needing pcm reciever to use digital servos is BS. In fact there is no differance between PCM and PPM recievers. the only thing PCM does is hold position or go to a predetermined position with the loss of signal. There is no differance in the way the signal is broadcasted or decoded. It's still an FM carrier in (PPM it is a digitally replicated FM carrier) with a 1-2 ms digital pulse signal riding on it that tell the position of each channel
While I agree one does not need PCM equipment to use any servo, there are huge differences in an analog RX as compared to a PCM RX.

There IS a difference in the modulated signal of PCM and the subsequent decoding of same. Yes its all done with an FM carrier. Previous to being transmitted PCM is encoded at the TX and decoded at the RX, whereas PPM is simply comprised various or multiple channel pulse position data hopping a ride on the carrier.