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Default Park flyer servos

Hi all,
Sorta basic question:
I am building 3 GWS planes right now (c-130, pt-17, and C-47). I am just getting back into the hobby, so I don't have any gear for any of them. I know I'll be getting back into gas kits, so I bought the Futabe 7C radio with standard size servos. I figured it would be cheaper to buy the setup for gas kits and then purchase the receivers/servos/etc, for the parkflyers seaparately.
My question is this: what is a good budget micro servo to use in all my gws planes that is compatible with futaba/gws receivers (I assume the GWS receivers will be the cheaper option. I prefer futaba, if only for the reason that futaba is what I used 15 years ago. I am looking for the lightest servo possible with enough torque for the above mentioned planes.