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Default RE: Do I need a servo programmer for digital servos

OK Folks, problem solved!! Apperently (I'm still a beginner) when you have a really long servo horn and you have your plane set up to get upwards of 60 deg of travel on all control surfaces, the tiniest amount of servo movement is amplified by the time it actually gets to the control surface, DUH! By moving the pushrod in a couple of holes, closer to the pivot point of the servo, the amount that the servo didn't center by got significantly smaller, to the point I hardly noticed it and the plane flew normally. The drawback is I also got a significantly reduced amount of throw. All this, combined with the fact that I have a bottom of the line radio (Futaba 6EXA entry level computer radio) ended up being the culprit. I barrowed a Rx and Tx from a buddy which was a Futaba 9C and without changing anything in the set up of the plane the problem completely went away. I guess my 6EXA is ok for .40 to .60 size planes with analog servo's. Since I'm uprading the type planes I'm flying, I'll just have to upgrade my radio too! I never would have been able to figure all this out without the help of everyone who responded to this thread. Thanks everybody. The support is greatly appreciated.